Underground (1995) Film Review


Don’t you love it when you are at the DVD shop, bump into a friend, get a recommendation for a film you’ve never heard of, take it home and discover that it is awesome? Underground is most definitely one of those films for me. Set in the 1940s when the Nazis invade Yugoslavia, Underground is an epic comedy that spans more than twenty years. It follows two main characters – Blacky(Lazar Ristovski) and Marko(Predrag Manojilovic), drunken clowns who stumble their way through the bribery and corruption that inevitably occurs during times of conflict. Both are in love with actress Natalija(Mirjana Jokovic). After the Nazis invasion, much of the town runs an underground resistance from a cellar in town. However, they are totally cut off from the world.

I don’t want to give away too much of the plot – it is at times absurd and somewhat insane, but often very hilarious, even during the darkest moments. And the magnificent accompaniment of a brass band – this is how I want to live my life. It’s really worth watching just for the opening sequence, with the two drunken men being carried home in a cart, followed by the brass band. Marko throws money at the band while Blacky randomly shoots at them. Insane and wonderful.