We Are Legion : The Story of the Hacktivists (2012) Film Review


Protest and disobedience on a grand scale confuses and scares me. The idea that people can find something they perceive as wrong in the world and take more action than a letter to the editor or to their local MP is outside of my world. When groups get organised and take really big action it astounds me.

With the Internet, it is much easier for people to get organised and take action. It is, if you know how, possible to remain anonymous. And what’s more, it can be hilarious. We Are Legion follows the rise of the hackivist collective ‘Anonymous’ through interviews with both identified and anonymous members of the group. There are various actions taken with varying levels of legality. The targets are also varied – from a very nasty radio jock through to the Scientologists. After the recent Arab Spring uprisings, there is no doubt that technology has a major part to play in the world of protests, but a film such as this highlights just how varied the action can be. Fascinating, amusing and a must see for anyone with a social conscience. Especially if you’re not up-to-date with what is possible.