What Richard Did (2012) – MIFF Film Review


Ireland 87 mins

Richard (Jack Reynor) is a rugby hopeful, spending his summer break between school and university partying with his friends. He rarely drinks and occasionally smokes, but is more interested in rugby – and girls. But one night, things go awry, leading to a death and Richard is left to make serious choices.

Generally, this is a great film. It’s a film that I think most young people should watch to help them to understand that it can be a single drunken mistake that can ruin lives. Jack Reynor is excellent as Richard; charismatic yet contemplative without being overly emotional and annoying. He’s also extremely handsome – no wonder to see he has been cast in the next Transformers blockbuster. My only qualm with the film is it didn’t really seem to end. There was a feeling that there could have been an extra twenty minutes or half hour that could have finished it off a little more. It wasn’t so much that it didn’t conclude; I just needed more.

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What Richard Did screens at Greater Union on Sunday, August 28 at 1:30pm, at the Forum Theatre on Wednesday, July 31 at 1:30pm and on Thursday, August 8 at 11am.  To book tickets, visit http://miff.com.au/