The Face of a Stranger by Anne Perry – Book Review



It’s London in the Victorian times and William Monk has woken in a hospital with no memory. He quickly deduces that he is a policeman and that if he doesn’t get back to work, he may end up destitute and in a workhouse. Returning to work with no memory holds many challenges, but investigating the violent death of an aristocrat adds the delicate working around the social mores of the time.

It’s been a while since I read a good murder mystery and it was great to try to figure out where the investigation would go and try to solve it myself. I admit with pride that I had figured out the killer, but certainly not how or why the whole thing had occurred. The amnesia of Monk was an interesting twist that gave the book an unusual approach. I found some of the writing repetitive; there was only so often I needed to hear Monk concerned about what his previous nature had been, or similar descriptions of characters. Thank goodness the story itself was strong enough to beat these flaws.

The Face of a Stranger is the first of a series by Anne Perry featuring William Monk. She has written several other series. I am curious to see how the character of Monk develops over the books, however am unlikely to develop the obsessive need to finish the series that I have with other books.