Wonder by R. J. Palacio – Book Review


Auggie is about to start school. That’s not that unusual – what is unusual is that Auggie is ten, and this is the first school he’s gone to. Most of his childhood, he has been in and out of hospital having treatments for a condition that he was born with – a condition that means he is facially disfigured. Going to school means meeting people and being looked at and having to deal with so many fears.

Palacio takes us on the journey of Auggie from several points of view – Auggie’s, of course, then there is his sister Via, then Summer and Jack, new friends from school, and others. It’s mostly fabulous, a really great read that deals with fears and school and bullying and confusion, and apart from the final scene that is really a bit cringeworthy really, it is great. I know this has been a hugely popular book with younger readers, and with very good reason.