YouTube Classics 4 – Songs. Some beautiful, some with language warnings. And some weird stuff.

I’m going to start with the weird stuff.

Annoying Orange

I love this. It’s terrible, but I love it.

Puppet Harry Potter

Just weird.

Comcast. Stick it in

Strange. Weird.

And now the songs.

Somebody that I used to know – Gotye cover by Walk off the Earth

A beautiful and quite impressive cover of the Gotye song. Check it out.

OK Go – the treadmill video

Amazing. So many injuries sustained from people recreating this, I reckon.

What a Wonderful World – shadow puppetry


And now from the delightful to the rude and creepy.


I remember lots of talk of Obamagirl back in 2008, but this is the first time I watched it. Skanky. I can see why Obama said that the video upset his daughters.

What What (in the butt)

If you watch this, it will be in your head forever. That’s a warning to you. Plus, it is really weird and rude, but more weird that rude.

Friday – Rebecca Black

I actually watched this whole thing. It really is totally appalling. The song, the singing, the lyrics, the appalling clip. It’s all bad.

Solid Potato Salad – the Ross Sisters

The Ross Sisters – not actual sisters, but amazing contortions. It’s about 1:30 when they appear and the song starts, and then from about 2:40, that’s where it gets weird. But if you can get over the tight shorts, you’ll love it!

I’m f****** Matt Damon – Sarah Silverman, Matt Damon, Jimmy Kimmel – LANGUAGE WARNING. Obviously.

So, Jimmy Kimmel is a TV host who had a long running gag with his mate, Matt Damon, that he’d be introduced onto the show but they’d never have time to do the interview. Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman were a couple at this time, then she turned up one day with this:

And Jimmy’s response:

YouTube Classics 3 – Comedy sketches and Will It Blend?

Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager

Pretty much a one-joke wonder which I’d only want to watch a single episode of, but it was pretty funny.


Absurd. Fabulously absurd.

Eddie Izzard – Death Star Canteen

I love Eddie Izzard, and remember watching this routine years ago and loving it, and seeing someone having put it to Lego – ah, good job, people.

Monopoly – the movie trailer

A college comedy group from the US called the Secret Pants comedy group put this together. I think it’s worth it for the last line.

Tom Hanks – Toddlers and Tiaras

Tom Hanks, I never knew he was so funny! Having recently seen my first episode of Toddlers and Tiaras, it makes more sense. It’s awfully close to the truth…

Will it blend? A great way to advertise a blender.


Rubicks Cube


Glow sticks

YouTube Classics 2 -Babies (and small children) plus some old classics

Charlie bit my finger

Watch it once or twice. It’s cute. The accent is sweet. I find it hard to believe that they had to move house to get away from internet stardom as I once read, but still, if you haven’t seen it, do.

Notorious B.I.G. calms down crying baby

I don’t think it’s really worth watching the whole thing, but watch long enough to appreciate the gangsta attitude this baby takes on. Nice.

David after dentist

Who said it’s cruel of parents to take advantage of kids? Love this. “Will this be forever?”

I love cats – eHarmony dating clip

I was so relieved to read that this clip was fake. If someone like this really exists… it would represent the downfall of society.

Double Rainbow

It’s so intense. (I wouldn’t watch the whole thing. It goes on forever)

Ken Lee

One of the absolute best clips ever. I don’t think I can ever get sick of watching this.

StrongBad Email – Trogdor

Haven’t heard of Strongbad email? Or Trogdor? Well, here they are!

Leave Brittany Alone!

This is one I’ve seen parodied but never watched. It’s crap. I don’t understand why it was made, and I don’t understand why people watch it. Remember when Brittany shaved her head and went a bit nuts? And everyone kept hassling her? This guy, he felt strongly about that.

Star Wars Boy

I have heard about this for so long, but never took the time to watch it – until now. It is brilliant. I love it.

Miss Teen South Carolina explaining why many Americans cannot find the US on  world map

The pressure is high. Such as. And no doubt, so are the contestants with all of that hairspray. Such as. How else can you explain this answer? Start it at about the 40-second mark.

Grape Stomping Lady

One of the earliest you tube sensations. Not too long. Nice slapstick.

YouTube Classics 1 – animals

About two weeks ago, I started a mission to collect YouTube classic clips. There are so many good (and not so good) clips that are really unmissable. But, once I got started, it was like I’d just hit 2006 and I couldn’t stop. So, there will be a few posts over time, and I’ll try to keep them themed. If you have any clips you think should be included, please comment or email me. That would be awesome.

So first up, animals.

Talking animals

I dare you to not laugh at this. Maybe you won’t laugh at all of it, but I’m sure you’ve got to find something funny here. It’s taken from the BBC series The Wild Side of Life, and there are several clips up, often doubling up scenes.

Keyboard Cat

Apparently, this was one of the most popular cat videos. I don’t get it.

Stealth Cat

Stick it out. It gets better and better.

Cat Conversation

Love it.

I totally have to get away from cats.

Dramatic Hamster

Awesome! And really, really short.

Baby Panda Sneeze

Too Cute!

That’ll do for animals. For today, at least.

Military Antics

So, I was at a friend’s place the other day and we were watching The View. I’ve avoided watching this for a long time because, as a young girl, Whoopi Goldberg was my hero, and I’m scared to see what she is like now. Essentially, I don’t want to find out that she is a nutter or has extreme views that freak me out and stop me from being able to enjoy Jumping Jack Flash ever again.

It was Flag Day in the US (to commemorate the adoption of the US flag in 1777 – incidentally, Sep 3 is Australia’s flag day. Anyone ever heard of that?) and to celebrate, they had some Marines on doing some cool stuff with guns. I possibly just insulted various people on different levels. I have done some searching and could not find the clip, but found this. They are called the Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon and they are seriously cool. Seriously. Maybe it’s the theatre lover in me, but these guys are awesome – and they have bayonets attached, so that is extra cool. Honestly, I never thought I’d be geeking out over something like this – I’m surprised.

Then my aunt sent me a link to this clip – the closing of the border between Pakistan and India. Those high kicks are fabulous. This clip is from The Longest Road by British Indian comedian Sanjeev Bhaskar –  you may remember him from The Kumars at No. 42.

This next one is titled “Chins 60th Anniversary Parade (HD) – Beauty And Strength – Women’s Army Militia. Can’t resist saying it – I love those boots.

Here’s the changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Moscow. Amazing high kicks – and I like the little head tilt ‘hello’

Finally, the changing of the Swiss Guard at the Vatican. I’ve seen pictures of these guys before. I still don’t believe the outfits. Oddly enough, these current uniforms were created in 1914. That’s not Renaissance at all. Also, they may be the heaviest uniform, each is made up of 154 separate pieces and takes up to 32 hours and 3 fittings to complete. There’s another fact for today – enjoy.

Game shows from around the globe

On their travels, some mates of mine have discovered a wonderful Spanish game show (apparently one amongst many) called One Minute to Win. Personally, I was won over by the way the contestant entered. I thought he must have been a co-host (my 6 weeks of Spanish doesn’t allow me to know what is going on. Mind you, a lifetime of Spanish might still leave you lost, I think) but then he competes. And how! The contestant has one minute to complete the most ridiculous tasks using ordinary household items. This young gentleman has to swing a banana attached to his waist by a length of string, the banana must hit a lemon and roll it across the stage into a hula hoop. But not just once – twice in a minute! It’s actually ridiculously exciting. Have a look.

And if you felt this clip left you hanging, here’s the conclusion to whether he could bounce the ping-pong balls out of the tissue box…

Another cliffhanger! I could not leave it alone. Especially as I had absolutely no idea what the task was – balancing eggs on lightbulbs? I didn’t believe it – but it is! Using flour as a base! Watch it!

I cannot believe how exciting such a ridiculous show is… oh, no, I’m totally addicted. Watch to the end, too. A random handsome man and beautiful woman come out, the fastest ever credits roll and everyone dances!

Now from the US. I don’t understand this game at all, but Kali Muscle is an amazing creature. Both mentally and physically.

Oh, Korea. I have no way of understanding this, but I challenge you to watch this and not laugh. It is fabulous.

And now, of course, Japan. There’s a few – so many to choose from. This one – anyone who can explain the point of this, please, explain it to me. Men, you may want to cross your legs.

Then there’s this one – I believe it spawned Hole in the Wall here and in the US, but I don’t think anyone can do it like the Japanese. In fact, I’m sure of it.

Need some more food in your game show? How about some marshmallows? And some rubber bands?

And finally, this one is really not for everyone. Warning – this is pretty darn gross. It’s… The Ass Game!