Ok, ok, this is a bit of a timewaster, but then, isn’t that exactly what YouTube is? A timewaster? I’ve never really bothered to check out YouTube – when I get to the site, I don’t really know what to do. I’ve only really followed link – oh, and I get the Best of YouTube podcast which has had some pretty good clips. (Sidenote: I’ve given up on the term ‘vodcast’ – it just didn’t take off, and it’s time for me to admit it. Done)

So, I thought I’d try to spend some time on YouTube and recommend (or not) a few videos. I’m taking one from each category on the home page on YouTube this morning.

Music. Columbus vs Captain Kirk. Epic Rap Battles of History #14.

I love rap. Not being sarcastic or ironic. I’m very caucasion and from the bayside suburbs of Melbourne, but I loves me some urban tunes, some hip and some hop, and I love skiphop (Aussie Hip Hop, and no, I don’t think that term will last either.

I thought this would be way dodgy, but got totally sucked in. This hits that bit of me that loves the bad Wil Ferrel films and Drunken Histories (oh, check THOSE out on YouTube – a guy gets a friend drunk and gets him or her to tell a famous story from American history, many of which I’ve never heard, and then it is acted out by Wil Ferrel and Michael Cera and other very amusing actors. In a very amusing way.)

I had to stop myself from watching the other Epic Rap battles, such as Mr T vs Mr Rogers (I believe a long-standing kids tv host) or OJ Simpson vs Chirs Brown. Or Napoleon Dynamite vs Napolean Bonaparte. Or Dr Suess vs Shakespeare. (ok I watched that one.)

(SPOILER ALERT – I also checked out the poll at their website. Shakespeare won. And so did Christopher Columbus)

Entertainment. Nekkid for Jesus

Don’t watch. It’s so crap. Not at all entertainment. Waste of space.

It’s some guy – Ray William Johnson. Showing YouTube videos and making bad jokes. Um, it’s not me. He’s really annoying, and he makes lots of sexist, racist and whatever comments, but then says they’re not racist or sexist… I think he’s probably a stand up comedian. Don’t. I didn’t quite make it all the through.

Sport: John Wall goes for 50 then hits…

(The title goes on for ages. Essentially, the clip is a bunch of slam dunks)

I forgot how much I love basketball. I haven’t been for years, and haven’t watched it for ages. This is how is it should be.

These guys may well be overpaid and arogant for all I know (I have no idea what league or whatever this game is from. They may be amateurs and really nice for all I actually know) but they are showmen and this clip is just cool. Love it.

Most watched: Minecraft Episode 247 – Paintball

I had the choice of Minecraft, I am the number ONE ASIAN YOUTUBER and Bruno Mars. I chose the geeky game thing. Some dude talking through Paintball. It’s boring, unless, I guess, you have any idea or interest in what he is talking about. Episode 247. What the hell does this person do to have made at leasdt 246 videos like this!

Top Favourited: Waltrip’s Ride of a Lifetime

An old Nascar driver is taken through in a V8 supercar. He’s pretty darn funny. I’m not into motor racing and have no idea who this guy is, but I loved it. He says some fabulous things during the drive – but I gave up on the interview afterwards.

Film and Animation:

First hands on Video of iPohne4S with Benchmarks

Only a minute. Perhaps interesting if you know what you’re looking at. For me, it was just a dude playing with a phone.

News and Politics: Maspiro.3GP

Someone has filmed a news report on their telly of protestors somewhere beating chased by tanks and beaten. Seems like maybe an interesting way to pass news to others. I don’t know where it is, didn’t find it all that interesting.

Comedy: Happy Wheels w/Nova Ep 2

I’m dreading this… if YouTube calls it comedy, will it be comedy?

I was right to be concerned. Some guy is playing a video game with a dude on a bike and when he crashes there is blood and he commentates, but it is just him reacting and is not very good. I only watched a few little bits because it was 12 minutes long! Ridiculous.

People and blogs: Romantic Love dance & who said Asians can’t RAP! – vlog # 49

There are these guys and I don’t know where they’re from, and they are on some kind of tour. Apparently, they were in Melbourne. And this is just clips of them. If I was a fan, I’d love this. I’m not. YouTube, you are proving to be every bit the waste of time I have always thought you were. Step up.

Science and Tehnology : Pump action slingshot crossbow

This is more like it!  Who knew there was a slingshot channel – a whole channel of YouTube clips about slingshots! Check this out! Joerg – I think I’m a little in love with you!

Education: Introduction, MIT 8.01 classical Mechanics, Fall 1999

As interesting as it sounds. Yawn.

But the option was a 55 minute film on Justice: What’s the right thing? From Harvard. Education, you let me down.

I give up. Conclusion: I just watched 3 more rap battles. I’m over them. But I still want a pump action slingshot crossbow.