Letters to Father Jaakob (Postia Pappi Jaakobille) (2009) Film Review


Leila is being released from jail, and is sent to a remote parish where a blind priest, Father Jaakob, spends his time responding to letters sent from across the country asking for his prayers. She is a grumpy woman who has little time for anyone else, and no compassion even for the priest who shows her only kindness. Eventually, however, her walls have to be broken down.

This was such a short film, but still there was not enough story to hold it. At least the filmmakers didn’t try to stretch the story out further; yet, I wanted more. I loved to hate Leila, and felt such empathy for the plight of Father Jacob. It’s entirely possible that if they had extended the film in some way, that it would have been wasted. I can’t help thinking that it could easily have been an excellent short film. Say around the ten-minute mark.

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