Bi, Don’t Be Afraid (2010) MIFF Film Review


Many films that have the main character as a small child tell an adult story from the child’s point of view. This seems to simplify a lot of the events and such a  perspective can reveal things that may not be clear from an adult point of view. Bi, Don’t be Afraid seemed to have a different approach, for whilst the main character was a young boy, there were many sub-plots that were not closely related to him.

I really enjoyed the variety of sub-plots, told in a way which was not melodramatic but still had a slightly soap opera style about it. Sometimes, I admit, I got a little confused with the story lines but managed to piece it all together. But was Bi ever afraid? I didn’t think so, and so the title was not as apt to me as it could have been.

There is beautiful contrast between the obvious heat of the environment and the ice that was being manufactured in the factory where Bi’s father works, and this contrast is also seen in the various ways that some characters use the ice throughout the film. I don’t feel that the film ended well – many of the loose ends had been tied up and I was left wanting more.

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