Tomorrow (2012) MIFF Film Review

Before you watch this film, I’d highly recommend you do some research into the Russian collective Voina, because otherwise this doco just portrays them as quite annoying. Even after a bit of research, I don’t really know what they are protesting against and what their point is.


Tomorrow follows several of the key members of the group as they plan and execute an action – to tip a police car. The big problem with the documentary is that, because it does not give the audience any insight in to why they are doing this, I was left wondering why they would want to tip a police car. Who is it affecting? What statement are they making? Have they actually achieved anything?

The questions are not answered. The footage is cheap and, at times, poor quality. Yet there is something about this film that suggests there is more to Voina than annoying people nicking stuff. I just wish it had been in the film.

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