Wonderland – TV Review


For some time, Channel 10 has been putting on top Aussie shows at 8:30 on Wednesday nights – Offspring, Mr and Mrs Murder, Puberty Blues and the like. So, I come to Wonderland with the expectation that it will be a well-written drama, perhaps a bit of a soap, with awesome, well-defined characters, interesting and engaging storylines and I will be hooked before the end of the first episode.

I watched the first two episodes last night, and I was really struggling to get through it. Here’s the basic concept: a group of friends live in a gorgeous art-deco apartment block spitting distance from Bondi Beach. There are several couples and a couple of singles and they all have their *yawn* issues. Blah blah commitment blah blah sleeping with people blah blah break up blah blah blah.

I found none of the characters interesting, and couldn’t care less about their issues. Yes, Bondi is beautiful, but this seems to be a really pissweak attempt to create a noughties (are we still noughties? What is this decade called?) Sydney-version of Secret Lives of Us, and it didn’t grab me at all. I couldn’t even get past the idea that these people who possibly do have jobs but I’m not totally sure on what they are could ever afford this amazing place. I got past that with Friends, but cannot do it for this.

I hope that I am totally wrong about my impressions of the show. I hope for the sake of all involved in this production that it gets better and develops a following to rival Offspring. I hope that it gets sold overseas and attracts tourists (not that Bondi needs more tourists, but still).  I won’t be watching as this happens, but I hope it does happen.


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