Bonkers by Jennifer Saunders – Book Review


I love Jennifer Saunders. I loved French and Saunders, and I’ve loved a lot of stuff that she has done. So when I was told she was coming to Australia, to promote her book, I was totally excited. I read it, and got ready to head to the Dallas Brooks Centre to hear her talk.

I wish I hadn’t read her book prior to going, as it was inevitable that she would be talking about events from the book, and the slides she showed were from the pictures in the book. There was a bit of time for questions, but inevitably it was serious fans asking about obscure performances. And one woman who was barely understandable who needed to be told by host Kaz Cooke “You need to sit down now”.

I enjoyed the structure of the book. Each chapter had a general arc, and then reminiscences were told throughout it. The stories were very interesting for a fan, and a fan is definitely who this book is written for. And good; we’re all very happy about that. Jennifer, keep doing ace stuff and making us laugh.

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