The Net (1995) Film Review

The net

Angela Bennett (Sandra Bullock) is a computer programmer who works from home, and lives an extremely solitary life apart from visiting her mother, who is in a home with Alzheimer’s. Her only contact is with delivery men and online with other computer geeks in a chat room. So when she is sent a mysterious disk just before going on holiday, by a colleague who, shortly afterwards dies in a plane crash, she doesn’t realise the importance of it. After a series of events, her identity is wiped and she is on the run, trying to fight to get her life back.

I love it. It is quite amazing to see a film with the technology of 1995 playing with ideas of identity theft still very much in play these days. The one thing which is just does not ring true is the speed of the internet connections – I barely get that now, and when the mobile phones are the size of about twenty iPhones glued together, fast internet just does not ring true.

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