Rainbow High by Alex Sanchez – Book Review


Did you ever read Sweet Valley High? Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield, the twins, have twin experiences of high school. Now imagine it is set twenty or so years later and the LGBTQI movement has gained strength. Well, it’s no longer Elizabeth and Jessica, sweet virgin lasses, but Jason, Kyle and Nelson, young gay men trying to find their place in the world and whether that includes coming out.

I think I’ve accidently started reading this series out-of-order – I believe this is the second book. We have Jason, basketball star, privately dating Kyle from the swimming team. When Kyle accidentally came out, his locker was vandalised, he had no assistance from his coach and now his team are being mean to him in the locker room. In contrast, when Jason decides he wants to come out, he discusses with his coach, who raises pros and cons, but is supportive either way. Then, there’s Nelson. Being in love for the first time is wonderful, but when your crush is HIV positive, it makes things a lot more tricky.

These books are not the most well-written books you will find, but that it somewhat unimportant. The stories are important, and it’s really quite refreshing reading YA fiction that includes LGBTQI characters as more than the catty best friend or the like. More of these are needed!


Rainbow High Review, Alex Sanchez,

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