Deadpool (2016) Film Review

Whilst I love comic book films, I’ve never really read many comic books. Well, okay, I did love Asterix as a kid, and MAD magazine, but not really more than that. So, I have no idea who this Deadpool guy is. Luckily, this film is an origin story film, so I learnt that there was a guy, Wade (Ryan Reynolds) who was a bad guy but with a wild sense of humour who fell in love with this chick, Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) but then he got a terminal illness and put himself through an experimental process to heal him which made him immortal, but also scarred him a lot, so he was unwilling to show his now ugly face to his beautiful woman. And then there are bad guys and a couple from the X-Men (I think) turn up and there are a whole heap of fights.

It’s funny. The type of funny that is often offensive and didn’t really need to be as offensive, but I found myself laughing more than being annoyed… I guess I’m saying that a lot of people will be offended, and it wouldn’t have been hard for me to be more offended, but I wasn’t. And I’ve used that word way too much. I think that the film is worth seeing for the insane extreme slow-mo first sequence, but stick around. I look forward to seeing more of Deadpool in sequels and hopefully in some other films.

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