Crossings by Alex Landragin (Book Review)

A ‘crossing’ is when the spirits or minds of two people change bodies, sometimes with both retaining memory, sometimes with one or neither recalling. This book tells three stories relating to crossings, from several different places. It’s like a time travel book, and I love me a good time travel book!

Sometimes, books have a novelty factor which is uneccesary, and sometimes it adds to the story. In this case, the ‘found’ manuscript can be read in two separate ways – one is essentially three novellas or short stories, which is the way I first read it. I loved them, strange and beautiful and, a little confusing at times, but it was a book where I felt that I could trust the author to get me to where I needed to be. Then, there’s the Baroness sequence, which takes an indirect path through the three stories. I tried reading it this way straight after the first way, but I had too strong memories from the first reading. So, I put it to one side, hoping that a little bit of time would help. Nope… but I’m keen to try it again, so I intend to come back in a few years, when hopefully I’ve forgotten everything!

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