The Dressmaker by Rosalie Ham – Book Review

After loving the film, I was keen to read the base material. Rosalie Ham creates such a wonderful world in the book, the fictional town of Dungatar, with so many wonderful and strange characters. It has all of the personality and personalities of the film.

And yes, I personally think the film is much better than the book. Well, I’m not sure that better is the word – I think that the film feels like an extension of the book – the book sets up the world, but the film makes the story set in this world work better. It makes Tilly’s place in the world more significant-  in the book, several events (including the footy game and some of the romance) happens separate to Tilly, but the film puts her front and centre, and I think that is really important. It works really well.

I would recommend that if you are one of these people like me who really enjoy checking out the source material of films that you enjoy, then read this book and then watch the film. And enjoy both!

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