After Australia edited by Michael Mohammed Ahmad (Book Review)

What will Australia be like in the year 2050? A group of Indigenous writers and writers of colour explored this and came up with a varied collection of short stories that are both heartbreaking and hopeful.

Sometimes, mid-review, life happens and something gets left behind. With short stories, I find it interesting to see what stories stick in my mind. For this, Claire G Coleman’s story of a future where those who in Australia illegally are removed to camps with little legal representation or hope for the future – and by those who are in Australia illegally, it’s not the refugees fleeing or those overstaying their visas, it goes deeper than that. Generationally deeper. Another is ‘White Flu’ by Omar Sakr – a pandemic that only attacks white people. It ties in the fear of our current pandemic to the sense of comeuppance that comes from seeing the descendents of the colonisers struck down.

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