Definitely Dead by Charlaine Harris – Book Review


Sookie has started to date weretiger Quinn, and that presents somewhat different challenges to her usual love; vampires. But she is still involved in both the were and the vamp communities, and her telepath skills are required to assist in the reading of people during the plans leading up to and the ceremony of the wedding between the Queen of Louisiana and the King of Arkansas. And then there is the ongoing issue with the Pelt family.

I really like the fact that the issue between Sookie and the Pelts keeps going. Just when you think it’s probably over, it comes up again and again. Bringing Quinn in has brought the romance levels back up, and not a moment too soon. The Sookie Stackhouse series is referred to as a mystery series, but for me, it needs the romance or it gets very boring. With repercussions continuing from Eric’s memory loss a few books ago, there is always the possibility of some competition for Sookie’s hand. And there is a massive battle – good times!

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