Gossip Girl vs Gossip Girl by Cecily von Ziegesar

Gossip Girl by Cecily von Ziegesar

Gossip Girl Book Cover

After several recommendations, I have finally given Gossip Girl a try. The book first. The general plot is following a whole group of ultra rich kids in New York as they party their way through school, bitching and being nasty all being followed by a mysterious character who writes about all the comings and goings, true or made up, on her blog. Gossip Girl.

The book was alright for a quick read, but nothing that totally drew me in. There were aspects I quite liked, such as the fact that Blair, one of the main characters, has a touch of stressful bulimia and there is some attempt at depth to the characters. But I won’t be rushing out to read any more.


The TV Series? I can see why people totally love this. There is so much cash, so much extravagance, so much money. I haven’t fallen for any of the characters yet, and perhaps it says something about my age that I am far more interested in what is going to happen with the parents rather than the teenagers. I probably will watch more, although it won’t be a priority, but I will be watching from a slightly different angle to many – I accidentally stumbled on to the identity of Gossip Girl, so I’ll be trying to see if there are any hints in the seasons leading in to it!

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