Be More Chill by Ned Vizzini – Book Review

Jeremy Heere is a loser. He keeps a list of all of the terrible things that people do to him, and is mortified when he finds out that all the other kids at school know about it. Plus he has a crush on Christine, and takes part in a school play to find a way to be close to her. And then he hears about the squib. A squib is a little electronic bug that you swallow, it makes its way into your brain and directs you to actions that allow you to reach your goal. Jeremy gets one and follows the instructions, although is hesitant to cut ties with his best friend, Michael. But technology is not perfect, and things start to go wrong.

Thank goodness this is not a technology. The idea of something inside your body making you do things – that is sci fi terror to me. But given that we our lives are now driven by technology such like smart phones and watches and the like, maybe this is a logical step? What this book really addresses is the world of teenagers and the want to not be an outsider. Some of us never minded being an outsider – people like Michael who have passions and don’t care what others think. But most of us want to be relatively ‘normal’ and will do things that we regret to be accepted.

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