One Shot by Lee Child – Book Review

This is the book that led to the film starring Tom Cruise, one of the greatest mis-castings of all times. (I love Tom Cruise as an action hero, but he’s simply not Lee Child). There has been a sniper shooting killing a handful of people in a mall, and when Reacher hears that ex-army James Barr did it, he needs to get involved. See, the guy who did it did a similar thing years ago in the Middle East, and managed to get away with it, but Reacher, as a Military Policeman, promised that he would ensure that Barr was brought to justice. So why did Barr ask for Reacher?

Having read this years ago, plus seeing the film a few years ago, I knew where this was going. I feel like this is real classic Reacher – things seem to be going one direction, but of course, that’s not where it ends up. And he gets to take out some bad guys.

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