Lenny’s Book of Everything by Karen Foxlee – Book Review

Lenora ‘s little brother Davey won’t stop growing. Their father went away for work one day and never returned. Their mother works two jobs to keep them and they spend time with their elderly neighbour who shares her dreams and feeds them strange tea. Mr King from the fruit shop comes over and Lenora doesn’t like the way he looks at her mother. There’s a lot happening, and while everyone tries to not worry, Lenora and Davey win a build an encyclopedia and, as each booklet arrives, they pick favourite facts, figure out how to exist in their world and make plans for the future.

I really loved this book. I loved Lenora and her fears and flaws, and the way she tries to find solutions to things that clearly make sense to her regardless of how disconnected they seem. I love the way the siblings have a strong bond and yet also frustrated and annoy each other. This is marketed as a YA book, but for me it felt more like an adult novel. Perhaps I’ve been reading too much YA.

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