The Good Girl by Mary Kubica – Book Review *spoiler alert*

Mia, the black sheep daughter of a wealthy family, has disappeared. While her father, the judge, thinks that she’s probably just run off to have some fun like she used to when she was a teenager, her mother is a lot more concerned. And she should be – Mia has been kidnapped. But perhaps this isn’t the worst thing that has happened to her.

I like the way this book was structure, told from multiple points of view (the mother, the policeman investigating the case, the kidnapper and Mia) and broken up between ‘before’ and ‘after’. Things were revealed gradually, which kept me wanting to read more. But overall it felt pretty clunky, with broad character or plot choices to give characters depth which didn’t work for me. Perhaps there is a fabulous way to tell a story with Stockholm symptom as a central theme, but it’s a hard sell. And one of my least favourite stories (which was played out a lot on TV about 2-3 years ago) is having a female character physically attacked by a male character and then she falls in love with him, with no residual trauma. It’s horrible.


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